IMVU God Mode T4de Cliend



GOD MODE T4de client  

OR  should  i call it as  IMVU DELETED   ROOM  LOADER  ( Yes  this can load imvu  room  that  they took )

This  is free  for all  . if you are  my customer  free. you are not my customer  still free.  There is no charge  for IMvu god mode  client.

This will work only  if  you  and your  gf  both are on imvu god mode  client.


First Close your imvu client completely . CLICK Blue /Red button downlaod will start . Put file on desktop Double clcik it Press EXtract button. on desktop yellow color icon hot4imvu t4de Imvu be created clcik that and log to t4de client log to hot4imvu god client

you pick any room from  here

example For loading this room  GO IN MY ROOM and type this in imvu chat press enter

*use 46988587

and same way sex room  can beloaded too

You have pid ;You  can load literally any room
u want more pid off me u can buy it always
u can get pid from there free
if u want to support me Buy PID FROM ME
$5 a sex  room pid
$1 a sex  pose pid
$1 a sex funiture pid

1 :- it makes u god in imvu it means You can load anything and everything from imvu shop catlog  in MY Room . NO MORE  NEED TO BUY IMVU CREDITS.

2. it can load any room   with   500 to 1222000000 listed credits  with ease  you be able to use that room and invite your friends  without spending credits.

3. It  can load  all  the  hidden imvu catlog  that  is  sex poses  and sex room. It can make u naked if you are not ap  :xD

4. it can load  any sex room , trigger dick , monster dick ,  trigger pussy  , pose, funiture , you name it  it can load it .

Faq :-

Q0 Whats downside  of using this  client ?

Only  known down is  both  person  should be on  hot4imvu god client  to see sex poses or room .your gf should trust you and is ready to use hot4imvu god client you .

Q1  what if imvu updates  client  will i loose my  imvu god  power ?

NO  you won;t  imvu updates  i will update  the god client .and updates are free currently.


Q2  I don;t want to use  main  avatra name can you  use it on dummby newly created GUEST ID    ? Is this safe

I have been using this  on my main id  since last  8 months. It;s  SAFE. YES  ABSOLUTELY  YOU CAN CREATE A NEW  GUEST ID  AND USE GUEST AND KEEP YOUR MAIN ID  CLEAN.

Make a  new  guest _  And use  GUEST _ on god client .have sex on  guest_ id  DO YOUR DIRTY WORK ON  THIS  GUEST ID  AND DON;T USE MAIN ID  I AM OK  WITH THAT !!!.

Q3  you sell ready made  room  for  $20  so why  sell this  imvu client  won;t it cause business loss  ?

I still sell ready made rooms  for  $20 . i always wanted to do something  for  guest id.  this is my answer  for ppls that don;t  want to spend .

Q4  where  do i  get PID    to sex room or  poses ?

Well you can buy pid  from me

Or  visit public room  there are many public room  with sex poses  get pid  from there.


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