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A New Way to Win

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Earn money for your creativity. Tip is now available in Live Rooms.

There is a new way to earn Credits on IMVU and this version does not require an editing tool. Tip is now available in Live Rooms on iOS and allows Hosts to earn Credits.

Put together a complete program that showcases your creativity – a comedy show, a reality show, a fashion show and more! The more you think outside the box and the more you “surprise” your audience, the more opportunities there will be to earn Tips.

There’s no limit to how many Hints you can get during a show, and there’s no limit to how many shows you can put in a Live Room.

Live Rooms are the best place to see and be seen at IMVU. With so many eyes in one room, you have the opportunity to showcase your creativity. You can earn Credits for your skill with hints.

Click here to learn how to submit a Tip.

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